Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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John, my engineer, and I had an early start on Thursday - we arrived at the showground at half past 5, so that we could get BBC Radio Merseyside on air at 6. john_reynolds_in_van.jpgClaire 'Minty' Minter did her travel reports from the flower show for Tony Snell's Breakfast programme, as well as chatting to anyone else she could find at that time in the morning - it felt like we were the only people about but she did manage to track down one or two stalwarts, including Show Manager, Kris Hulewicz. Later, we were joined by BBC Radio Lancashire's, John 'Gilly' Gilmore. Gilly was on air all afternoon and boy, was it hot! Luckily for Gilly, he'd brought his producer, Sue Hendey, who ensured he was covered in Factor 50 and ha d plenty of water. However, there's not much shade and they were both wilting by 4 o'clock. So, if Minty's early starts and Gilly's sunstroke haven't put you off and you think you can give Wogan a run for his money, get yourself a nickname...

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Crazy looking flower

Crazy looking flower

Flower With Have A Five Part Of Pink Color...

After taking this flower, i wonder what is look like, and yes, i can see it's ear look like rabbit ear. So cute, and somehow, it's funny how the flower shaped and look like the other living creature.


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Roraima mountain

The Cheshire area of Nafas have created a gold medal winning display inside the Floral Design Marquee. It's inspired by Mondrian and Andy Goldsworthy. Pam Orton, one of the designers, explained flower_ring.jpg"We decided to call our exhibit Sculpture Park in celebration of the Cheshire Year of the Garden and the Cheshire Artists' Network's - Art in the Garden. After we had decided on a title we were able to look further for our inspiration." Further sources of inspiration come from Mondrian and Andy Goldsworthy. The result is a lively, vibrant arrangement. flower_ball.jpgAlso in the marquee The Welsh College of horticulture have certainly caused a stir! A stunning, floor to ceiling wall of flowers and coloured wire fills their display, a beautiful kaleidoscopic ball completes the exhibit, which is proving a great talking point for visitors.
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