Thursday, February 12, 2009

River city garden party

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the basket

Purple Flower

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stunning burnt orange bridal bouquet - 07420001.jpg

Robert Nyman
Like, flowers

Like, flowers

Lupine at Quail Hollow Ranch, CA USA

A beautifully shaped lotus bud about a day or two before fully deploying its beautiful lotus blossom.
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Flower That Have a Circle Purple...

It's always interesting to earwig on conversations at a flower show, you can't really help it when there are so many visitors, and everyone's got their own ideas as to what makes a great show garden or exhibit. One comment I hear time and time again is how inspiring the gardens are and how they're going to try to copy 'that' colour scheme or 'this' style of planting. The thing that I'm going to take away and copy from this years show is not plants but paths. thyme_path.jpgThe back to back gardens are very good for hard landscaping ideas and I spotted a brick edged path in-filled with pebbles stuck into concrete, much like a mosaic. Or, there's a stone path with grass instead of mortar and something more contemporary, a metal grid suspended over a bog garden - almost like a bridge. However, the one that I'm going to copy at home is the path in 'The Garden for Bees'. It's a gravel path planted with an informal drift of thyme, which smells as good as it looks. The good news for me is that I've already got a gravel path, all I have to do is add the 'thyme' and once the flower show is over, I'll have the 'time' to do it.
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